About Us


    A ragtag band of misfits that went from fighting game nerds to an Esports team!

    NoWay eSports was originally a clan founded by three people Koda, Creyline and Josephsfilipino. Initially all they wanted to do was compete against other clans and make a name for themselves individually. There clan inevitably grew and continued to grow over time the original members all treating each other like family!

    Whats our goals

    To build an organization people can call home and feel that they are apart of our family!

    Our goals are simple we want to gain all the experience and knowledge we can, and become a compelling force in the gaming community!

    Why join us

    At NoWay we recognize and value our players. We help them to identify their strengths and to evaluate their competencies for tailored personal development. We were founded by two brothers so we are all about family here everyone on staff will treat you with respect and help push you in the right direction.

  • Taking Your Esport's Career To The Next Level!!

    No Way Focuses on cultivating the best talent in esports focusing on what matters to you.

    Family Focus

    No Way Esports is a family focused FGC team.

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