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    Hey there!
    I’m Koda I’m just one of the rag tag fighting game nerds that helped put together NoWay. I compete in multiple fighting games Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur VI are my preference. I’m from San Diego, California! And I can usually be found playing games with viewers on my twitch channel!

    Media Manager


    Hello everyone!
    My name is Silver and I'm proud to be a part of helping establish NoWay. I play a big variety of games but mostly love RPG and fighting games like Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Ball FighterZ! I don't compete but I'll be working behind the scenes to help everything run smoothly.




    Hey everyone,

    I’m Joseph or

    My passion for gaming manifests in my hunger for a challenge. I am always seeking out new ways to augment my skills.
    Never stop the learning, never stop the grind. NOTHING BUT THE BEST.



    Content Creator



    I’m Ezra also known as BeanieThuggish I’m one of the fighting game nerds that helped put together NoWay. I'm mainly a streamer who focused on competitive titles like Soulcalibur VI, Tekken 7, Magic the Gathering and the battle royale Spellbreak! I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas and I can usually be found playing games with viewers or being an absolute mad lad shouting at my monitor for the fun of it!


    Assistant Director


    Hi my name is Rachel and I am the NoWayEsports manager. I’ve always loved playing all types of games on any console ever since I was young. It’s been the most amazing experience to be able to see NoWay grow and I know we’ll be able to go farther. Being a part of NoWay is like being in a family, you’ll have your rough moments but we’ll never give up on you. There’s “No Way to lose

    Big Majin

    Tekken 7 Competitor and Content Creator


    My is Terrence Jackson aka Big Majin the older brother of Lil Majin. I am considered a high level player for Tekken community. Been playing Tekken since Tekken 1. Grinding to win a major at this time.